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Friday, May 12, 2006

MP3 Players Going Way of Dial Telephones?

I don't know if I get it. I'm too old, methinks. And my fingers are too big. I mean, they're not gigantic or anything, but to find the right buttons to push on my cell phone takes more concentration than I want to put into it at 35MPH on Market Street.

According to this article from, the MP3 players days are numbered as people switch over to devices that do much more. Telephones that multi-task as cell phones, cameras, web-access platforms, MP3 players, video players, and more.

As memory chips continue to downsize, these little phone-camera-camcorder-music-web devices will shrink in cost as well. Right now the Yankee group says a 2GB memory card retails for less than $80. (I bought a 1-gig card last month for $40, so that is certainly in line with the story). But if you want a 2-gig Apple iPod, it'll cost you $199.

But maybe the whole convergence thing makes sense. Why carry around an iPod, a cell phone and a Blackberry device if you can have it all in one little appliance that fits in your shorts and doesn't even give you the appearance of a woody? I mean, that's small (especially for me!).

Now if only we could shrink our fingers to be able to punch all of those miniature buttons and keys. Talk about M:I:III!!!


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