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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Inside The Copyright Royalty Board Decision With Kurt Hanson

FMBQ (Friday Morning Quarterback) is always a good read if you're following radio, whether online or off. The streaming music royalty controversy gets a little air with this interview.

Kurt Hanson is the founder of and RAIN publisher, and in this interview he maintains that unless the upcoming royalty rate change for online streaming music is adjusted downward, it'll virtually shutdown all music webcasting.

All. Music. Webcasting.

Which means it would drive listeners to international stations (which are starting to block US listeners so they won't have to pay the rates), or to illicit operations like the one in my base- uh, er..

Informative stuff.

Obviously somebody isn't paying attention here. Since when is driving all net-casters out of business good for the music industry?


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