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Monday, April 25, 2005

Digital Audio World's Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon Show now playing - two new podcasts posted over the weekend featuring in-depth informative interviews, geared to anyone who wants to do their own podcast, or is currently doing their own podcast.

First, I chatted with Dave Sampson of and their new all-in-one podcast software 'Propaganda.' This is an intuitive, tight little piece of software that lets you record and mix your audio, then export it. It also walks you through the steps to create your XML feeds so that people can subscribe to your podcast. And it has an FTP client so you can upload your XML feed and your MP3 file. Very cool.

Then a day later I talked with Brian Ibbott, the host of one of the most entertaining music podcasts out there: Coverville. Brian is a very friendly, laid back fellow who talked about all sorts of things to do with successful podcasting. We spent some time discussing the licensing requirements of podcasters who choose to include copyrighted music in their podcasts...a very ear-opening conversation.

Check out the new podcasts here; or add the XML feed to your podcast aggregator (right-click and copy the link, then paste it into your iPodder or other podcast subscription tool).


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