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Friday, February 17, 2006

Narasa Rebbapragada of PC World sticks her toe in podcasting, doing a little light surverying and querying some of the numbers of downloads, feeds, listeners and finding that many people wonder just what the heck is a podcast?? - The Playlist: Podcasting--Behind the Hype

Still, one of the things that came out of her article that was interesting was this: "Another survey conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres says that 78 percent of those who have ever listened to a podcast are male. (C'mon, ladies.)"

So only 22 percent of podcast listeners are female. I wonder if it means that most of the podcasters are male? I would guess, because that's sort of the ratio you get on terrestrial radio. It's changed somewhat in the past ten years, but I'm guessing that about 60 - 65% of all radio announcers are male. If I'm even close, that's a big change. When I got into radio in the mid 70s, it was probably 97% male. Yup, a boys club. And I'm sure a lot of the boys had resistance to welcoming girls on the air.

So now the challenge is to get more ladies / girls into podcasting, as both listeners and podcasters. Is it a gender thing? Are women less interested in futzing around with creating shows and audio files and the like? Is it something else altogether?

I'd be curious what you think...


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