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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

RIAA Smoking Crack. Again.

Download Uproar: Recording Industry Goes After Personal Use

The arrogant bastards at the RIAA now claim that copying the songs from a CD that you bought onto your computer is illegal.

Reminds me of the time that Garth Brooks said (back around '88 or '89) that anyone who sold USED CD's should be arrested. Music Millennium in Portland, Oregon, even held a Garth CD fry in honor of that stupid statement. How can you not be able to sell something that you legally bought? Just because Garth didn't get a second royalty check the second time the original CD is sold he thinks it should be illegal.

If I buy a used car, does that mean Ford deserves another royalty payment because they built the car?

When you purchase something used from the classified ads (oh, say a pair of skis or a boat or a tunafish sandwich) I suppose Garth Brooks (and the RIAA) think we should award the original creator some $$ because they made it originally?

I'd be curious to check with Garth and see how many used CD's or tunafish sandwiches he's bought - and what amount he paid to the original manufacturer.

'Scuze me?

What planet are these guys from?


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