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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Adam Curry, the podfather of podcasting, broke the news last week on the Daily Source Code: Silicon Valley Watcher: Podcasting Turns Pro - Adam Curry joins Sirius.

Having seen some of the chat on podcasting forums, the reaction, as you might imagine, is mixed.

"OHMIGOD, he's selling out!" ranted one. "NOPE! It's good for podcasting!" said another.

The program on Sirius Satellite, will push podcasting even further into the stratosphere, as Adam's task is to play podcasts of all types, styles, skills and topics. As mentioned in the story referenced above, the whole concept will raise copyright and licensing issues - and other issues too, no doubt.

But I think it's a good thing. Hell, I'd love my podcast to show up on Sirius Satellite radio. Wouldn't you? The simple promotion aspects of it are pretty far-reaching. Same as with, you'll have licensing and copyright issues (and more if you read their fine print!), but with just a few podcast shows being broadcast, it is probably worth it. After all, you're not giving up the rights to everything you do...


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