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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Apple - iTunes - 500 Million Songs Y'all get on down to iTunes and download a few more legal tunes...hey you could be a wiener!

No, seriously. A half BILLION downloads. That's darn near $500 Million dollars worth of music. All since iTunes Music Store signed on the internet April 28, 2003. As of today, that makes it 492,616,000 downloads in 806 days - or roughly 611,186 downloads a day on average. Those numbers are bound to change by the time midnight rolls around - as I write this update and correct a few things, the number is already up past 492,620,000...and counting.

So iTunes is celebrating with free iPod minis every 100,000 downloads, and the big prize of 10 iPods and 10,000 free songs. Hmm, almost makes me want to go grab some music from iTunes. Since I've never actually BOUGHT music online, I doubt I will. But hey, if 'These Boots are Made for Walkin' by Jessica Simpson rings your bell, go right ahead. D'ya remember the original by Nancy Sinatra, Frank's daughter, back in 1965? I do. I was just a li'l sprite, groovin' to the Beatles and the Stones. But Nancy was hot and sexy and with those boots that went halfway up her thighs I didn't know what to think with all those weird feelings...hmmmmm.


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