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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stick this in your ear

Once more, confirmation that 'content is king.'

From Mac News: Podcasting : NPR Fleshes Out Its Podcast Lineup comes this statement:

"Nobody really cares about podcasting if it's not good content," said WOSU General Manager Tom Rieland. "Content is king. We know ... NPR has good content that people enjoy and that is really important to their lives. It's all about having information your way, now."

Are you trying to figure out the content of your next blog post or podcast is? Are you trying to write an ebook or a newsletter and are scratching your head at what the hell you should write about? What will you audience want to read or listen to?

If 'content is king' I would add one caveat: Good content is the only thing that people care about.

Are you engaging your audience to think, to care, to respond, to feel emotions, to learn? Do you give your audience full disclosure? Do you let them feel what you're feeling, let them understand what you're thinking?

Still struggling to fill that page or podcast? Tell your audience about what makes your adrenalin surge through your body. Show them how you are moved to tears. Explain to them the newest trick you learned that just makes you feel like a goddamn kid all over again because it's so cool.

Search yourself for tidbits of trivia that tells a story; shake the cobwebs off a few anecdotes that illustrate an issue.

Find ways to get your readers or listeners to believe with you in what you're doing, and you will have a reader for life.

Are you stumped - still - about how to come up with great content? Then you need a copy of "Constant Killer Content System" which is designed to help you create content on a continuous basis. If you're publishing a podcast, writing a blog, ebook or newsletter, take a look at it - it's part of Podcasting Adventures Online. Soon it will be available as a stand-alone ebook / workbook. Stay tuned! In fact, if you want to be notified when it comes out as a stand-along product, go pick up a few free reports here and you'll be signed up for PODCAST INFO, my now-and-again newsletter on podcasting and related topics.


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