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Monday, August 28, 2006

Zune from Microsoft Soon Come!

Can Micrsooft's 'Zune' MP3 player compete with iPod, or is it too little too late?

If you've learned anything over the years, it's not to bet against Microsoft. Deep pockets, yes. Competitive nature, but of course. Occasional slipshod approach to coming up with devices that the market reall wants, yes!

However, Zune may be a hit. Look at the notes from this story from FMQB on Zune.

Wireless music sharing, intended to be used as a social networking utility, will be included in Zune. Along with a 30g hard drive and some other cool features I've read about show the Zune to be particularly well-thought out.

Now, how will the marketplace respond? Geek love? or Re-Jection?


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