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Friday, August 04, 2006

World's Largest Arts Fest Podcast

Up until a few hours ago, I'd never heard of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Now I think I'm going to sell my house, rent my kids out for a month and head for Scotland's capital city.

No, seriously, even though at times the 'rent-the-kids' thing comes up, this is a month long festival, and this time they're wrapping up a ton of stuff in podcast form for the rest of the world that just by golly can't make it to Edinburgh in the next month.

"The Edinburgh Fringe Festival features 28,014 performances of 1,867 shows in 261 venues, and features an estimated 16,990 performers," according to the facts released recently. And a daily podcast tries to touch much of that, but those numbers begoggle the mind and numb the senses. I suppose being there in person would do much of the same.

Still, as podcasting goes, this should be a hoot. Head for the main site here: : official site of the edinburgh festival fringe.

Or go to the podcast page, which is hosted in conjunction with the Pocast Network.

I'm told "it would take you 5 years, 11 months and 16 days to see every performance back-to-back. Last year, the Fringe sold 1,338,550 tickets - the third time and third consecutive year that the Fringe sailed past the million-ticket barrier."

The Stage (a UK trade publication for the entertainment world) last year helped bring the podcast of the Fringe to the world, so with a year under their belt, these guys should have a ton of fun and really have their act together. Or not, depending...

It's on my iTunes subscription list. Is it on yours?


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