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Monday, July 24, 2006

Wireless Women

A few years ago a female friend of mine dropped her landline telephone in favor of wireless. To me, it didn't make sense. Until I thought about it a little longer. She had no real reason to have both lines, and the wireless was the more obvious choice.

Since then a number of people I know have done the same thing, and in my personal world it's predominantly women who have done just that.

Have you dropped your landline in favor of wireless? Then you might be interested to see the results of a new study on women and their wireless phones.

Sprint Study Shows What Women Want When It Comes To Their Wireless Phones

For instance, women place personalization high on their list: individual ringtones, colors, etc. In fact, personalizing their wireless phone comes in as more desirable than personalizing their hairstyle. And oddly enough, tattoos are a distant fifth behind their computer screen, mobile phone, hair style and stationery.

Perhaps a photo of your new tattoo of your new phone on your letterhead - placed as background your computer desktop?


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