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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Podcasting Expands. Again.

According to Nielsen // Net Ratings, estimates that over 9 million Adult Americans have recently downloaded a podcast. (Nielsen//NetRatings Click here)

(all podcasters say it in unison: "Woo Hooo!")

And it's not slowing down. Michael Lanz, an analyst with Nielsen says that the portability of podcasts truly appeals to young, on-the-go audiences: "We can expect to see podcasting become increasingly popular as portable content media players proliferate."

Even though Mr. Lanz talks just like a geeked-out press release, he's right. iPods and other MP3 players are indeed selling like hotcakes (bought any hotcakes lately?) and with Microsoft about to jump into the fray before the Christmas rush you can expect the feeding frenzy to continue.

So if you aren't podcasting yet, it's because you're spending most of your time downloading and listening to podcasts.

Hey, some of my favorite podcasts:

That's good for now...


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