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Monday, July 10, 2006

Keep-a You Hands Off-a My Movie!

In one of the more eye-catching stories today, it looks like groups that have been editing movies to remove negative portrayals (?) of homosexuals or drug use, or religious reference are BREAKING THE LAW by doing so, and they'll have to cease and desist. Or maybe they can go to jail and get a first hand look -- nah, never mind.

But here's the story:

BetaNews | Judge Rules Movie Sanitizing Illegal

The judge sided with the movie studios, who put millions into their productions, saying that "the copyright owner is the one that can make the choice of what audience it wants for a particular piece."

So instead of taking out F-bombs and gratuitous skin from movies to make them palatable for a specific (read: 'prudish') audience, it looks like the potential viewers are now left to their own devices.

Either that, or wait until the movie comes to network TV. They wouldn't dare show that kind of stuff, right?


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