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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

B2B Podcasts Find Hungry Audience

Dana Gardner's column here (Research paper shows IT buyers are eating up B2B podcasts | Dana Gardner's BriefingsDirect | is a great demonstration that podcasting is the perfect medium for reaching clients and prospects from one business to another. Or several dozen or hundred others, as the case may be.

Dana's commenting on this report, which unveils numbers that show podcasts, blogs, wikis RSS feeds and more are "are evolving into key elements of the B2B marketer's online toolkit."

The report's key finding is a no-brainer, if you ask former radio and TV folks: white papers and so-called dry information can be much more palatable and entertaining as a podcast than as a, well, dull white paper. Even if it has pretty graphics.

Are you podcasting? Are you looking at B2B podcasting? You should take note of this line in the report (thanks, Dana!):

"this group as a whole all but begs for more of this type of content to be delivered via podcasts, so the opportunity to address a real marketing niche within the B2B space firmly exists..."

Boo-yah! Learn to podcast here.

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