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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Podcasts to Become Easier to Transport

The news just keeps coming up roses for podcasters. After seeing the metrics of the number of podcast listeners rise in a number of surveys and examinations this year, now comes this - news that Ford, GM, Mazda and others will include iPod connections in their new model cars.

Which means that, not only will iPod addicts get to easily carry their tunes with them and listen on their car radio (many already do with third-party add-ons), but many podcasts will go along for the ride as well. So instead of listening to Bob and Tom on a syndicated radio show out of LA, I could grab the Chris Pirillo Show, Coverville, iMedia's cool media info podcast, something from Eclectic Music or...whatever. I may never have to listen to 'actual radio' in my car again.

Naturally, this bodes well for iPod, which hopes to sell more iPods for folks to toss into that new automobile. but that doesn't really bother me, though I'm not a big iPod fan nor an Apple fan. Steve Jobs and the iPod has truly opened the floodgates and brought the masses to podcasting.

When is this good news for podcasters gonna grind to a halt? I suspect it will be a looooong time.

Here's the story from Business Week which covered it a day or two ago: Have iPod, Will Travel.


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