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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Google's SearchMash - Search Mach Three?

Just got wind of a new Google thing: SearchMash - and decided to have a little fun with it:

podcast gonzo - searchmash

It works this way. Enter a search term or terms, and the site pulls up ten text results, along with image results on the right sidebar. Click the 'more results' link and the page adds another ten results to the current page, without going to a second page. Pretty cool.

In my testing, I inserted 'podcast gonzo' as a search term - just to see what came up. I use the name Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon on my podcast and every page I can come up with and encourage others to do the same. And yup, the more I use it the more it shows up onlien in search results and other folks pages with links back to my sites.

In the first ten results there were a number of links to sites that mention me - as well as some of my sites. Next ten results I found mentions on (from Leesa Barnes), Idiotvox, Odeo, Digital Podcast, and more.

The 'infinite scroll' feature works well, and is a nifty alternative to the typical results pages that roll out with other search engines.

But is it really operated by Google? Yes, even though you have to go through to the privacy page to find that out (thanks to Danny Sullivan, a expert).


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