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Monday, May 09, 2005

While I'm not sure if there's a lot new here, I do like Marcus Austin's take on podcasting and the 'attempts' to make $$ of the damn thing. In Netimperative - Podcasting: downloading the future? Austin also discusses the ins and outs of trying to find music to play without paying, and the challenges that arise even if you have a license: How do you know if the listener has actually listened to the whole show? What if they listen to the whole thing and then share it with someone?

Reminds me of the mess the record industry thought they were in back in the late 70's when the skull and crossbones cassette showed up on record albums with the warning "Home taping is killing music."

No, home taping didn't kill music. In fact, there was gov't research done at the time that backed up MY contention that home taping actually HELPED spur record sales, as it did in my personal experience.

For example, let's say I borrow a tape from a pal and like some of the tunes on it, I'd do one of two things: make a copy of the tape or go buy the album. Aha! sayeth the record companies: you're COPYING! Well true. But it doesn't stop there... if you really like the tune or artist, you will eventually buy it, because you want to hear more of the artist. You will probably eventually dig deeper into that artist's catalog - thus spurring more sales!

And if I just made a copy of a tape and leave it at that, well, so what? It wasn't that good anyway, so I didn't waste any money on the bad product. And that's good feedback, too, for the record companies. If no one buys your product that's good feedback: you're putting out inferior products That tells you that you'd better improve the quality of your product or you'll soon go out of business!

I digress. Again.

So for the prospects of podcasting with music, you'll have to find enough good quality 'podsafe' music (unlicensed), or you'll have to fork up the several hundred bucks to pay for the licenses.

If you don't podcast music, you're left with talk. And it had better be entertaining and/or informative or educational to your audience, or they'll be gone faster than you count the number of new podcasts coming out in a week.

Which reminds me. I'm doing a Bob Marley tribute/memorial of sorts this Wednesday the 11th, the 24th anniversary of Bob's passing, on my podcast, the Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon Show. I hope it's entertaining / educational / informative...etc... Listen in and and find out for yourself!


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