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Monday, November 14, 2005

Podcast Listeners Consume More Terrestrial Radio

Bridge Ratings just finished a ten-month study on how podcasting affects radio listening habits and - surprise! - podcasting actually increases radio station listening. A few of the details: listeners to commercial radio stations saw a seven percent rise in cume (?), and a fifteen percent bump in TSL (time spent listening) per week. Even public radio fared well in the survey.

Why the increase? It appears that the re-packaging of various radio shows as podcasts is a great branding tool. Not only does it give listeners a chance to hear some favorite personalities and shows again - or on their own schedule, it helps recycle the listeners back to the radio station. Podcasting also undoubtedly offers a chance for listeners to archive some of their favorite bits over time, and even burn CDs and share them.

I know that type of thing happens, because I do the same with a friend or two of mine, who don't have computers. I turned them on to Brian Ibbott's Coverville, but since they don't have an iPod or a PC, I have to burn them on to a disc.


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