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Thursday, November 16, 2006

iTunes Subscription Protocol Change?

I was poking through a podcast directory when I came across an iTune subscribe link that was extremely simple. Insstead of a 90 or 100-character URL, it was simply the location of the RSS feed with the prefix "itpc".

Since I'd never heard of it, I did some browsing and came across this post from Derek Miller in Vancouver BC. Apple's new "itpc" podcast URL prefix | Derek K. Miller, Writer & Editor, Vancouver, Canada

So I tried this for my iTunes one-click subscribe link and it works great. Just one-click and you're subscribed.

Wow, another thing Apple has done right. If they keep going I might actually buy something of theirs or at least consider it.

And, hey Derek, thanks for the info!


  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Derek said…

    Thanks Tim. Apple has never really made a big point of that, but yes, they really are the only company that's solved the One Click podcast subscription problem. Fortunately, it's a simple URL prefix, so other podcatchers can implement it too.

    I mentioned it to Brent Simmons who writes NetNewsWire for Mac when I first noticed it, and I'm sure all the others know about it by now. Presumably you could set your preferences so that itpc:// opens whatever your preferred podcatcher is, iTunes or Juice or Doppler or NetNewsWire or whatever. Nice.


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