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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Zune In, Baby

After seeing the 'first look' from C/NET (Microsoft Zune (30GB, black) Reviews. MP3 players Reviews by CNET) on the newest MP3 / video / photo player from Microsoft I think this may give iPod a good little run for the money. Not only does it look and act cool, but it has a wifi feature which allows you to share your music with other Zunesters.

When it comes to determining what music will be allowed to play on Zune, apparently you can play your own CD tracks that you've ripped to your computer. But it won't play tracks from other services according to C/NET reviewer James Kim:

"The unit will playback MP3, protected WMA (the Zune-kind only), and unprotected AAC. No native WAV or WMA Lossless playback. If you have $200 worth of Wal-Mart tracks, you're in trouble. (You'll have to burn and rip, or find some way to convert). If you're into subscription services, the ZunePass is your only choice."

It'll price out at $249; it has a 30GB hard-drive, and hey, it's just in time for Christmas!

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