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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Adam Curry cracks me up. I mean, the guy has an ego that doesn't quite. But what the hell, it's probably well-deserved. CNET just published an interview with Adam here: The man who's got mainstream radio quaking | Newsmakers | CNET It's a fun read; it's a gas, gas, gas. Especially the part where he takes pot shots at Dave Winer, the guy who supposedly helped him with all the podcasting stuff. Or wait, was it Adam who supposedly helped Dave? Hmm, there are some mis-matched stories floating around the podosphere...and you get to make up your mind which to believe!

Btw, Adam is now satellite-casting podcasts on Sirius Channel 148 weeknights from 6 - 10 PM EDT. Go Here and read more on how to submit your material to Adam for consideration.


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