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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More legal brew-ha-ha over the fine print at KYOURADIO.COM, the all-podcast station in San Francisco owned by Infinity. Podcasters May Be Overlooking Huge Legal Risks in the Fine Print - Podcasting News from Send2Press Newswire Tue, 10 May 2005.

And the fine print doesn't necessarily refer to music podcasting; it may have to do with the content of your podcast, such as an opinion that may turn out to be libel or slander. It's apparent that the wild wild web is not as wild as a mere five years ago - an eternity in internet time.

The INA (International Nanocasting Association) has taken up to warning folks to read the fine print before getting involved. In reference to the Infinity station in SF, if a problem arises over your podcast, the legal responsibility falls on YOU. That's right, their lawyers drafted the agreement in such a way as to protect THEM, not YOU. Makes sense, though.

To get a copy of the full alert or receive future reports from the Nanocasting Legal Task Force go to and sign up for the newsletter. (INA is a trade organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of commercial Internet radio and Nanocasting (commercial podcasting) and to promoting the necessary self-regulation required for the industry to stably expand.)


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