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Monday, November 14, 2005

Big Bucks Court Podcasting

Some interesting developments from Yahoo and Google regarding podcasting: Hosting and the Future of Podcasting With Yahoo!, Google and Audible. With the big boys stepping up with big bucks to grab onto the podcast pony, it's a pretty sure thing that podcasting will continue to grow. Not everybody's happy. But I would expect nothing less. Once big money starts moving in, the landscape suddenly gets rearranged.

As I read it, Yahoo! and Google and want to make it super-easy for the neophytes to podcast. Don't know what that will entail - probably some web-based interface where you can fill in the blanks and easily upload your MP3 file as it creates the RSS feed while you're sitting there munching your Oreo's and peanut butter cookies.

The bottom line is this though: for you to create a high-quality podcast, you'll need a few basics: a good microphone, editing software, soundcard, mixer or audio interface and the chops to create great content time after time after time. One good idea does not make a continuing podcast. But if you keep filling your podcast time with scintillating and entertaining material you are on your way!


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