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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

RSS Feeds - user friendly or not?

In this post from earlier this month, John Moore of Brand Autopsy Blog complained that RSS feeds are too geeky for the masses to latch on to. True, true.

Oddly enough, that may be one (small) advantage that podcasting has over blogs. John's complaint is that for anyone to read an RSS feed, you have to fire up your RSS reader or whatever.

But with a podcast, once you subscribe it automatically shows up in iTunes or whatever podcast aggregator you're using (have to get rid of that word 'aggregator''s really unwieldy)....time after time. Of course you still have to LISTEN to the damn podcast.

But that all boils down to content. How's your podcast (or blog or other) content? If you have compelling content, your listeners will come back. If not, well, you've got some work to do to create better content.


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