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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Searching for Podcasts

It looks like there are more entrants to the podcast-searching game, according to Wired Magazine. I took a quick look at Podzinger, and after registering my podcast there, they told me they'd send an email with code to insert on my podcast page so listeners can search my podcasts. Wow, pretty cool for sure!

Blinkx on the other hand is a TV / Video / podcast search engine. I easily found a number of my podcasts by using some search terms I had mentioned during the casts. Both are easy to use (thank you Google). In fact, as I was poking around the site I found the TV search page which displayed 100 thumbnails of tv screens. Many of them were live feeds and when you moused over them the thumbnail doubled in size and the audio track kicked on (on at least a few of them).


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