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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Podcast Listening On The Rise. Again.

On the heels of my participation in's SEO for PodCasting webinar last night, comes news that the podcasting audience is rising: - 34 Million Ears Perked for Podcasts.

The (so-called) not-so-cheery news is that only one in a hundred downloads a podcast daily. At least, that's the implication - that it should depress podcast supporters, particularly Steve Jobs. So, let's do the math: if the 1-in-100 applies to America, and there are 300 million people in America, that's about 3 million downloads a day or 90 million downloads a month.

Damn, that's nothing to cough out a lung at. I suspect as many people live on farms as listen to podcasts. But I'll bet most farmers don't listen to podcasts! No, I don't see the connection.

While the percentage of males downloading podcasts is increasing, it's noteworthy that the demographic split among downloaders is quite even: 18-29 (14% of this age group download podcasts), 30-49 (12%) and 50-64 (12%) are neck and neck. And neck.

Household income is not a significant factor to podcast listening, either.

However, the more experienced computer user, the more likely to tune in to a podcast. Broadband users grab more podcasts - but not by as much as you might think: 10% to 14%.

It's all good news for podcasters, as far as I'm concerned.

Now, where's the free beer they promised?


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