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Monday, May 23, 2005

Hey, it's about time Apple jumped on the podwagon! And it's all over the web today. I think I've gotten nearly half a dozen news stories in my Google Alerts with this one - iTunes is going to put support for podcasting in a soon-to-be-released version: Apple's Jobs Announces iTunes Podcast Support.

Wonder what that will do for iPodder? After all, if iPodder is tied in perfectly with iTunes, which made sense at the time, and then iTunes comes along and takes over the capability within iTunes, what's the incentive to keep using iPodder? On the other hand, perhaps iPodder developers Adam Curry et al knew it would happen anyway, or at least anticipated it. If podcasting was going to be as successful as they hoped it would be, developers of all kinds would rush in. And according to just about every news story or commentary I've seen in the past few weeks, podcasting is the buzz, the king, the end all and be all.

For instance the BBC says podcasting could be a revolution.

The Digital Divide Network says podcasting is becoming hotter and hotter.

Even Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk show blowhard, er, host, is podcasting now.

So as Apple and other big-time developers and companies move in, how far behind can Microsoft be? Even if they move slow, they usually more LARGE. Perhaps the new version of Windows Media Player will have podcast subscription capabilities? Wouldn't doubt it at all.

Go, podcasters, go!


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