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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I've always had MusicMatch in my Top Three PC tune-players and organizers. WinAmp was Number one for awhile, but it got supplanted by ITunes last year. So now comes version 10 of MusicMatch (now owned by Yahoo). CD Ripping, burning, converting files from .wav to MP3 and's always been fun. Take a look at the latest version: - First Look: MusicMatch Jukebox's Impressive Version 10

Friday, December 03, 2004

Online radio listening is on the rise, as are the placement of commercials in the broadcast. Hey, as long as you're listening, why not check out this ADVERTISEMENT???Internet Radio Advertising to Increase Tenfold by 2009. Don't know if it's good news or not. Depends on where you're sitting, I guess.
Can Sony get it into their thick skulls that a portable digital music player should actually be EASY to operate? - The Playlist: Sony and MP3, Together at Last shows that they may at least be on the right track. May.