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Friday, February 09, 2007

iPods Targeted as Govt Wants to 'Protect Us'

The backlash against the recent proposal to ban iPods and similar devices while walking around is predictable. As is the death of this stupid proposal.

It's obvious that Sen. Kruger is looking to get a little press activity with this untenable idea.

I've heard him quoted as saying that the 'government needs to protect its citizens.'

Hmm. Don't see that anywhere in the Constitution. Show me where the government is supposed to protect us from our own behaviors, however stupid those behaviors may be.

If that were the case, all 300 million of us American citizens would have a collection of government agents protecting us 24/7 by standing in our living room, monitoring our TV watching habits, looking over our shoulder while we drive or walk, checking the fat content of our fast food, advising us against unprotected sex....etc.

Can you say '1984?'

You can't protect someone from being unobservant while walking around with an iPod cranked up. If they're going to walk into the path of a bus or train, well...let 'em. It's one way to strengthen the gene pool by letting the deadwood fall off the wayside.

Callous? Perhaps. But letting us be free to do dumb things, to be inconsiderate, to walk around without paying attention to where we're going - well, that's what FREEDOM is about, in case anybody forgot.

If you need a primer, check out Peter McWilliams' still-timely book 'Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do.'

Here's the story on the proposed iPod ban: NY State Sen. Carl Kruger proposes ban on handheld devices - Tech

Friday, February 02, 2007

Gonzo Podcast 57: Maximum Rock and Roll

Speaking of audio, the latest Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon Show podcast features an interview with author Arnaud Dirieux, who along with Murray Engleheart, penned "AC/DC Maximum Rock and Roll." Relive some fun times with the world's greatest rock and roll band. Click here for the podcast.