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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Auto-Recording of AM/FM Radio Programs...Finally

I have always thought you should be able to easily record radio programs and listen to them back. But it's always been bulky: set up a cassette deck and hook it up to your radio or amplifier. Then you have to be around to manually turn the damn thing on to make sure the tape rolls. Isn't it about time someone combined the convenience of a VCR with the technology of an MP3 player/recorder? RadioYourWay finally did: RadioYourWay Great for Radio Junkies

I'm not the radio junkie I used to be. In fact, I find little of value on the local dial. Classic Rock radio playing the same 750 songs, oldies stations playing the same 750 songs. Then there's country. Sometimes my dial finds its way to adult alternative, which at least offering something interesting, even though it may not suit my taste. And don't get me started on talk radio. Bombastic, opinionated, mush-mouthed...the unfortunate thing is that even if you agree with the host, they're probably not getting all the facts straight. Who does. Do you realize that most people believe the host and depend on them at a news source? Scary.

So now this little unit comes along that can record and store away programs until you want to listen. Given the state of radio in this nation these days, I find podcasting from people's basements infinitely more entertaining.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Another cool article about Podcasting

I'm always curious to see what people are writing about podcasting, so I have set up a Google Alert that whenever a new story is posted online containing the word 'podcasting' I get an email about it. Just a few minutes ago an alert winged to me through cyberspace that a new story had been posted. If you don't know or aren't sure what podcasting is, this story is a fun read, and a thorough look at what poscasting is all about - or could be. BoiseWeekly: Arts: A&E Feature: Podcasting for the Plebian