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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Podcast Listening On The Rise. Again.

On the heels of my participation in's SEO for PodCasting webinar last night, comes news that the podcasting audience is rising: - 34 Million Ears Perked for Podcasts.

The (so-called) not-so-cheery news is that only one in a hundred downloads a podcast daily. At least, that's the implication - that it should depress podcast supporters, particularly Steve Jobs. So, let's do the math: if the 1-in-100 applies to America, and there are 300 million people in America, that's about 3 million downloads a day or 90 million downloads a month.

Damn, that's nothing to cough out a lung at. I suspect as many people live on farms as listen to podcasts. But I'll bet most farmers don't listen to podcasts! No, I don't see the connection.

While the percentage of males downloading podcasts is increasing, it's noteworthy that the demographic split among downloaders is quite even: 18-29 (14% of this age group download podcasts), 30-49 (12%) and 50-64 (12%) are neck and neck. And neck.

Household income is not a significant factor to podcast listening, either.

However, the more experienced computer user, the more likely to tune in to a podcast. Broadband users grab more podcasts - but not by as much as you might think: 10% to 14%.

It's all good news for podcasters, as far as I'm concerned.

Now, where's the free beer they promised?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Anti-Zune Movement?

I've stumbled across a handful of posts today where bloggers and writers actually urge people to NOT purchase Microsoft's new iPod challenger "Zune." Why? Mainly because it's NOT user-friendly. This article from the Chicago Sun-Times hits it on the head: Andy Ihnatko :: Avoid the loony Zune

There are a number of pro-zune sites out there that would beg to disagree (just search for 'Zune Love'), but even those folks seem to be awash in back-handed compliments for Zune, admitting that Zunes DON'T have podcast-catchers, Zunes DON'T work with Windows Media, Zunes DO NEED A FIRMWARE UPGRADE to get started...and the list goes on...yikes.

Where's the consumer in all of this? About the bottom of the list, it appears.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

$$-Related Podcasts Show Promise and Growth

The folks at Marketing Sherpa have just posted a new case study on the use of podcasts in the financial world:

MarketingSherpa > How a Financial-Services Firm Added a Social Media Platform to Keep Clients Informed

Fidelity Investments has moved into the tech world aggressively, making podcasting work where other similar 'traditional' or 'conservative' businesses fear to tread.

Glad to see the whole thing is working. Just more fuel on the fire for us podcasters who know how well podcasts can be used to leverage a client base, distribute information in a timely manner, and do it in a way that's inviting and entertaining.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

iTunes Subscription Protocol Change?

I was poking through a podcast directory when I came across an iTune subscribe link that was extremely simple. Insstead of a 90 or 100-character URL, it was simply the location of the RSS feed with the prefix "itpc".

Since I'd never heard of it, I did some browsing and came across this post from Derek Miller in Vancouver BC. Apple's new "itpc" podcast URL prefix | Derek K. Miller, Writer & Editor, Vancouver, Canada

So I tried this for my iTunes one-click subscribe link and it works great. Just one-click and you're subscribed.

Wow, another thing Apple has done right. If they keep going I might actually buy something of theirs or at least consider it.

And, hey Derek, thanks for the info!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gonzo Podcast Goes Explorin'

On this most recent podcast show - Gonzo Podcast #52 - I grabbed some 'live' on-the-scene audio from a new 'audio' exhibit at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Take a listen now:

Tim Gonzo Gordon Podcast Show# 52

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Zune In, Baby

After seeing the 'first look' from C/NET (Microsoft Zune (30GB, black) Reviews. MP3 players Reviews by CNET) on the newest MP3 / video / photo player from Microsoft I think this may give iPod a good little run for the money. Not only does it look and act cool, but it has a wifi feature which allows you to share your music with other Zunesters.

When it comes to determining what music will be allowed to play on Zune, apparently you can play your own CD tracks that you've ripped to your computer. But it won't play tracks from other services according to C/NET reviewer James Kim:

"The unit will playback MP3, protected WMA (the Zune-kind only), and unprotected AAC. No native WAV or WMA Lossless playback. If you have $200 worth of Wal-Mart tracks, you're in trouble. (You'll have to burn and rip, or find some way to convert). If you're into subscription services, the ZunePass is your only choice."

It'll price out at $249; it has a 30GB hard-drive, and hey, it's just in time for Christmas!

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