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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

So podcasting is starting to have an effect on the marketplace - literally. Podcasting 'A Growing Threat' To Audible - shows that because of the amount of people that are downloading and listening to FREE podcasts they won't want to listen to similar content that they're currently paying for.

Aaah, we'll see. The newest model for podcasting is to charge for it, but it remains to be seen whether or not anyone will bite on that business model. More and more folks are touting podcasting as a corporate tool, or ebusiness tool, whether for the big corporations, or the small entity.

Personally, if someone offered me information that was usable, entertaining, informative, or otherwise had great value, I'd pay for it. How much, I don't know. I pay something like $17 for a monthly subscription to an internet marketing newsletter that I feel is worth much more than that. I also pay $12 a year (!) for's ClubRum's daily humor lists. Hey, it's BUCK A MONTH! It's definitely worth it for the kind of laughs they offer.

But I won't pay $17 for a year's subscription to Playboy. Huh? What has happened to my priorities!? I did pay $12 a year, a dollar an issue a couple of years ago when they sent me an offer I couldn't refuse. But I found myself barely cracking the cover. And when I did, it was to merely look at the pretty pictures and read the jokes and sometimes the interview. Perhaps the thing has passed me by. Or life is too damn busy...

We'll all pay for something if we think it's worthwhile. Is your podcast worth $$ to anyone?


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